At Prime Chemicals Corporation, we utilize our extensive water management experience to design and deliver comprehensive water treatment programs to resolve all your water related challenges. Our quality range of Aquaprime® chemicals supports you in successfully achieving optimal equipment life of your boilers, chillers, cooling towers, effluent treatment plants, and reverse osmosis membranes without compromising their performance and safety standards. Aquaprime® has been a trusted brand of water treatment chemicals for demanding industrial and commercial applications all across Pakistan since 1983.

We understand an industrialist's primary concerns are keeping their workforce safe and maximizing factory productivity, making it essential that water employed at each stage of assembly conforms to the machine manufacturer's defined parameters. Safeguarding clients' concerns, we blend our Aquaprime® formulations with premium grade raw materials procured from both international and local markets and process them to the highest quality control standards. This ensures consistent results in reliable machine operation, increased production and reduced safety risks while keeping overhead costs to a minimum throughout your equipment lifecycle

Aquaprime® products are complemented by our team of professional service executives who monitor and report water treatment program effectiveness and efficiency. Modifications are suggested and implemented as per the client's growth requirements, enabling you to seamlessly upscale production while complying with importer requirements, government regulations, and national environmental quality standards (NEQS). Additionally, periodic reports highlighting financial and technical milestones achieved by the water treatment program are presented to facilitate clients on request


boiler water treatment

Prime Chemicals Corporation's boiler water treatment programs are developed to successfully counter scale formation, corrosive action, sludge deposition, and boiler water carryover. We accomplish this through an effective dosage of Aquaprime® products, these high quality boiler chemicals and additives focus on improving the operational efficiency of boilers and steam generators and keep them functioning at prime condition.

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cooling water treatment

Cooling systems form an integral component in any industrial unit to keep them operating at full capacity. Inadequate water treatment measures for feed, blow down and circulation water can cause severe reduction in cooling system performance, increasing the likelihood of machine failure, revenue losses, and safety hazards. Prime Chemicals Corporation offers customized cooling water treatment programs adapted to be used across a wide variety of commercial, industrial and process applications including water chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, compressors, generators, etc. Aquaprime® cooling water treatment chemicals empower you to proactively cope with scale formation, corrosion, and biological growth enabling your machineries to function under recommended conditions.

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reverse osmosis membrane treatment

The effectiveness of a reverse osmosis system depends on the sustained health of its membranes. Recognizing this our Aquaprime® range of RO plant chemicals is designed to obtain peak performance from a membrane without diminishing its operating lifespan. Biological growth and scaling are the major culprits in degrading membrane life and can lead to expensive interruptions in regular factory production. We provide support in preventing such a scenario through our unrivaled technical support paired with excellent quality Aquaprime® product lines of antiscalants, antifoulants, sanitizing and preservative agents, and membrane cleaners.

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waste and effluent water treatment

Every industry has a vital responsibility to preserve nature and operate in an environment friendly manner to enable current and future generations to fulfill their needs sustainably. Moreover, rising government emphasis on stricter environmental regulations has obligated firms to reduce their negative environmental impact through better management of resources and implementation of practical waste disposal measures. Nevertheless, businesses operating sustainably do distinguish themselves from their competitors, are preferred by discerning international customers, and bolster their reputation as an ethical and socially responsible company, in turn improving public relations and goodwill.

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industrial cleaning chemicals and support

Prime Chemicals Corporation combines knowledge of chemistry, innovative ideas, and state-of-the-art technology with the right Aquaprime® chemicals, to resolve your most challenging problems and achieve practical results. Every generator, compressor, heating, cooling, and chilling system in the industrial or commercial application requires routine maintenance and cleaning for the best results. We deliver a complete industrial cleaning strategy with the provision of trained professionals and Aquaprime® cleaning chemicals adapted to metallurgy and maintenance requirements of individual systems.

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