Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling systems form an integral component in any industrial unit to keep them operating at full capacity. Inadequate water treatment measures for feed, blow down and circulation water can cause severe reduction in cooling system performance, increasing the likelihood of machine failure, revenue losses, and safety hazards. Prime Chemicals Corporation offers customized cooling water treatment programs adapted to be used across a wide variety of commercial, industrial and process applications including water chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, compressors, generators, etc. Aquaprime® cooling water treatment chemicals empower you to proactively cope with scale formation, corrosion, and biological growth enabling your machineries to function under recommended conditions


Aquaprime® 400C

Aquaprime ® 400C is an effective dispersing agent and scale inhibitor, recommended for water cooling systems with high suspended and dissolved solids concentrations in water. Aquaprime® 400C presents an excellent level of activity over a wide range of pH values, as well as water temperatures and hardness levels.


  • Liquid product which can directly be fed from drums
  • Excellent scale inhibitor, and effective at low dosages
  • Non-corrosive and extremely stable
  • Safe and easy to handle and use

Aquaprime® 5000

Aquaprime ® 5000 shows a very high efficiency of biocidic, fungicidic and algicidic properties in water systems that are frequently or strongly contaminated by biological growth. Aquaprime® 5000 is completely soluble in water and can be used in both acid and alkaline systems. This product does not cause foam and since it is nonvolatile, it is not lost by evaporation. Aquaprime® 5000 does not react with metals, rubber and other materials from which equipment of cooling system is made.


  • Effective at very low concentrations and over a broad range of pH
  • Liquid product which can directly be fed from drums
  • Non-volatile
  • Does not increase salinity

Aquaprime® 8222L

Aquaprime ® 8222L is used for a wide range of applications where its powerful disinfection and oxidation properties are utilized to deliver technical and commercial advantage. It effectively fights bacterial, algae and mushrooms.


  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Liquid product which can easily be used
  • Broad range of algaecidic activity

Aquaprime® 2000

Aquaprime ® 2000 is all in one type of product designed to give complete protection against corrosion and scale formation in closed water circuits i.e.; chilled and hot water system.


  • Stable in a broad range of temperatures (up to 95°C)
  • Protects against galvanic and pitting corrosion in mixed-metal systems
  • Exclusive inhibition of metal surfaces such as steel and copper alloys
  • Maximizes heat transfer and minimizes maintenance costs
  • Controls corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Compatible with glycol and antifreeze
  • Safe and easy to handle and use

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