Reverse Osmosis Membrane Treatment

The effectiveness of a reverse osmosis system depends on the sustained health of its membranes. Recognizing this our Aquaprime® range of RO plant chemicals is designed to obtain peak performance from a membrane without diminishing its operating lifespan. Biological growth and scaling are the major culprits in degrading membrane life and can lead to expensive interruptions in regular factory production. We provide support in preventing such a scenario through our unrivaled technical support paired with excellent quality Aquaprime® product lines of antiscalants, antifoulants, sanitizing and preservative agents, and membrane cleaners


Aquaprime® 422

Aquaprime ® 422 is an antiscalant formulated to effectively inhibit calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other organic scales. It stabilizes metal ions to prevent metal oxides precipitation and disperse existing particles, including those of iron oxide.


  • Liquid product which can directly be fed from drums
  • Excellent scale inhibitor and effective at low dosages
  • Non-corrosive and extremely stable
  • Safe and easy to handle and use
  • Environment friendly compounds

Aquaprime® 627

Aquaprime ® 627 is a multi-functional product for reverse osmosis membrane systems. The product is primarily used as a preservative for the membranes but also has biocidal and dechlorinating properties that make it an indispensable membrane system chemical.


  • Liquid product which can directly be fed from drums
  • Effective for membrane preservation
  • Effective substitute for typical biocides
  • Effective for dechlorinating feed water upstream of RO membranes
  • Non-corrosive and extremely stable
  • Safe and easy to handle and use

Aquaprime® 730

Aquaprime ® 730 is a highly effective alkaline cleaner, in use as a standard soak and recycle cleaning procedure for reverse osmosis membranes. At the right concentration, it will remove most light to moderate organic foulants, as well some inorganic scales including calcium sulfate. The phosphates in the cleaner act as chelating agents and sequestrants to aid in the further removal of divalent and trivalent cations and metal ions.


  • Effective for removing most common types of organic foulants and some inorganic scales
  • Combination of alkaline and acidic cleaning will remove most of the organic and inorganic fouling from the RO membranes
  • Its dry form makes it easy and safe to handle and use

Aquaprime® 5200

Aquaprime ® 5200 shows a very high efficiency of biocidic and sanitization properties in reverse osmosis membrane systems operating with biologically active feed water. Aquaprime® 5200 does not react with metals, PVC, FRP and other materials from which components of RO systems are made.


  • Effective at low concentrations and over a broad range of pH
  • Liquid product which can directly be fed from drums
  • Non-volatile
  • Maximizes heat transfer and minimizes maintenance costs

Aquaprime® 37

Aquaprime ® 37 is an acidic scale cleaner and iron deposit remover for use in Reverse Osmosis membrane systems. Used at the right concentration, it ensures high solubility of iron salts and common scales.


  • Effective for removing concentrate-side deposits containing iron oxide, corrosion products and most calcium and magnesium salts
  • Compatible with reverse osmosis and nano-filtration membranes
  • Effective against inorganic scale and iron deposits
  • Low dosage rate ensures cost effective treatment

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